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We mount directly on the glass.

The advantage of this is that no damage or adjustments need to be made to the product or the roof on which it is mounted. As a result, the product retains its original strength and remains in its original condition. There is also no risk of leaks due to mounting on the roof.
The horizontal sun protection is controlled by means of special tape attached to the glass. The tape is viscoelastic with a durable acrylic foam core. It stretches when force is applied to the joint and then returns to its original shape. This tape, better than foam tape, has a very strong adhesive. The result is beautiful and durable. The double-sided tape is a proven better alternative to screws, rivets and blind rivets and welding.
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   Advantages of mounting with this tape:
  • Better results – no drilling required and assembly is invisible
  • Prevents local stress around fixation points
  • Water sealing: save on sealing costs
  • Allows thermal expansion between dissimilar materials such as metal, glass and plastic
  • Tape elasticity reduces vibration and noise
  • Temperature resistance. Connection can withstand high temperatures
  • Static load. Good static shear properties
    Solvent resistance.
  • Resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents, etc.
  • Moisture resistance. Resistant to harsh weather conditions.



TopShade gives a 2 year warranty on the installation and 2 years on the product on products mounted by TopShade under normal use. Tests by the manufacturer have proven that the adhesion by means of tape is highly dependent on the conditions under which this product is mounted. TopShade can therefore not guarantee a longer warranty period. However, since 1980, this tape has been used by the world's leading companies in sectors such as construction, aviation, railway and commercial vehicles, electronics, advertising signs, windows and doors, furniture and household appliances.
The TopBlind L and the TopBlind XL can also be supplied in such a way that the assembly can easily be done yourself. The TopBlind L and the TopBlind XL are supplied with so-called mounting accessories and an extensive mounting manual. TopShade does not give any guarantee on this connection. Glass preparation must therefore be followed very closely.