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Seeking shade? We have the solution for you.
Through well thought through and often surprising solutions

TopShade Montage 003 PNGWhile vertical sunshade are a straightforward product, horizontal sun protection requires a bit more creativity to get the result that is right for you. Special constructions that suit you and systems that deliver results is our passion. 180416 D FE02 1 5 A3 2 v3Because of this we want to work with you to come up a solution that suits your unique sun protection needs.
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HUIS Home automation solution in combination with your sunblinds

For people who live busy lives, we offer a high quality bespoke solution to suit your time constraints. A fully automated system accessible via your smartphone or tablet maybe the right option for you! 

No complex system, but a user friendly system that you and your family can use easily.Somfy TaHoma Even without a smartphone or tablet, the amenities offered by the system are also available through a scenario player (stylish wall switches) and feature multiple predefined settings.


Features which can be added to this wireless system include: 

  • Micromodular lamp
  • Wireless plugs
  • House Alarm, Smoke and Motion Detectors
  • Cameras (with the option to send images directly to your smart phone)
  • Automated door opening systems e.g. garage door
  • Automated curtain opening
  • Automated, shutters, sun shades and awnings
  • Automatic connection to any thermostat in house
  • Outdoor heating systems
  • and many more!

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