Topshade builds your awnings, TopBlind L and TopBlind XL directly on your windows.

The advantage of this is that there is no damage done to the product or the roof during the assembly process and means that the products retain the strength and condition for longer. This also reduces the chance of leakages or cracks occuring during the mounting of the sun shades.

The awnings are attached using a special tape designed precisely for glass. The tape is made of viscose elastic combined with an acrylic foam core, which retains its form and strength when stretched. This tape is better than conventional foam tape and is extra adhesive. The result is a professional durable finish.

Advantages of tape montageTopShade Montage 002 PNG

  • Beautiful finish -drilling is not necessary and the installation is invisible
  • Prevents strainage around fixed points
  • Water locked:  reduces sealing costs
  • Has a different heat expansion point than other building material such as metal, glass and plastic
  • Elasticity of the tape reduces noise disturbance and vibrations
  • Temperature resistent: The tape remains adhesive even at high temperatures
  • Solvent resistant: Resistent to most household chemicals used for cleaning purposes
  • Moisture resistant: can withstand harsh weather conditions

TopShade gives, for TopShade assembled products, with normal use a 2 year warranty on the installation and 2 years warranty on the product.
Tests conducted by the manufacturer have shown that the efficiency of this product is reliant on the conditions under which it was assembled. For this reason TopShade cannot give a longer warrenty period. However, this tape has been in industrial and commericial use since the 1980’s, in such industries as aviation, eletronics, construction, train and automotive industries, as well as household appliances, furnishing and household fixtures.

TopBlind L and TopBlind XL  can also be delivered as products for self assembly. The TopBlind L and TopBlindXL are delivered with mounting accessories and a complete installation manual. With this service TopShade cannot offer the warranty mentioned above. The preparation of the glass prior to assembly must done according to the instruction manual.

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